Lighting The Way

Where: The Liberal Jewish Synagogue
When: 20 November to 20 December

***We are pleased to announce that our Chief Executive Adam Ognall will be at LJS to introduce and launch the exhibition after the morning service on 24 November***

About New Gen:

NIF’s New Gen Activism Fellowship enables British Jews in their 20s -30s who are passionate about social justice and human rights to deepen their connections with Israel. As part of the Fellowship, young Jews from the UK, the USA, Australia and Canada come together for an eight day immersive trip in Israel, meeting some of the incredible activists NIF supports and learning about their work, before returning home to act as NIF ambassadors in their communities.

About the Exhibition:

This exhibition is presented by the 2017/18 UK Fellows:

During our Fellowship trip to Israel we met Gadi Gvaryahu, the founder of Tag Meir, a group of Israelis dedicated to countering the darkness of racism and hatred in Israeli society by bringing light to those who have suffered from it. Tag Meir’s name, “light tag”, is a word-play on “tag mechir”, which means “price-tag”, and has become the calling card of the small group of Jewish extremists attacking Muslim and Christian communities. Tag Meir recognises that most Israelis do not support violence and racism, and sees the battle against racism as part of a campaign to support the traditional Jewish values of loving our neighbours and justice for all. Tag Meir’s members transcend religious divides, coming from across the spectrum of Israeli society. These photographs and captions illustrate Tag Meir’s work, and we hope they inspire you as much as Gadi inspired us.

You can learn more about Tag Meir at

If you would be interested in bringing this exhibition to your community, please contact Anna Roiser at or on 0207 724 2266

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