NIF Grantee Exposes Scale of Discrimination in East Jerusalem


Key NIF grantee, The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), has published new research documenting the scale of discrimination and inequality facing Palestinian families in Jerusalem. Currently, 38% of the residents of Jerusalem are Palestinian.

Key findings include:

– 72% of all Palestinian families in Jerusalem live below the poverty line, compared to 26% of Jewish families. The poverty rates in Jerusalem and in the Jerusalem District are the highest in Israel.

– Only 44% of East Jerusalem residents are connected to the water network in a regulated and formal manner.

– There are only 6 welfare offices operating in East Jerusalem, compared with 19 in the western part of the city.

– Palestinian schools lack 2,000 classrooms, the dropout rate is skyrocketing, and about 18,600 school-age children are not enrolled in any educational framework.

– 32% of Palestinian students in East Jerusalem do not complete 16 years of education, compared to just 1.5% of Jewish students in Jerusalem.


The full report can be accessed here.


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