Young Jews Respond to: 50 Years Since The Six Day War

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This June marks the 50th Anniversary of the Six Day War. Whilst this is a moment to remember the necessary military victory over Israel’s neighbours, it also offers a chance to reflect on the occupation that has ensued.

New Israel Fund, Yachad & Moishe House invite you to join them for a special evening considering our response as young Jews living in the British Jewish Community to the events of the last 50 years in Israel.

Do our communal spaces today create an ‘elephant in the room’ by not engaging with Israel? What is the religious response to territory and occupation? Has the peace movement been influential or not within our community? And how can we better respond to the occupation, its damaging effect on both Israeli & Palestinian society, and its effect upon us as the next generation of diaspora Jews?

Schedule for the evening to be confirmed very soon, and will include breakout sessions & panels from key young adult voices and future leaders in the community.



This event is part of a set of sessions happening across the world on 11th June, in coordination with SISO, The Israel-Diaspora Partnership to ‘Save Israel, Stop the Occupation’. Jews around the world are coming together to mark the commemoration of 50 years, and to discuss what we can do to help Israel towards a safe future alongside an independent Palestine.

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