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NIF is a philanthropic partnership of Israelis, North Americans and Europeans, with offices in the US, Canada, the UK and Switzerland, as well as Israel, and an international board of directors. NIF UK is an independent UK charity. 

United Kingdom

New Israel Fund

25-26 Enford Street

London W1H 1DW

+44 020 7724 2266 Phone

+44 020 7724 2299 Fax


United States

New Israel Fund
1101 14th Street NW, Sixth Floor
Washington, DC 20005-5639
+1.202.8420900 phone
+1.202.8420991 fax
(International English Site)


New Israel Fund
PO Box 53410
Jerusalem, Israel 91534
+972.732445000 tel
+972.2.6723099 fax
(Israeli Hebrew Site) (Israeli Hebrew Site) (Israeli English Site)


New Israel Fund
801 Eglinton Ave. West, Suite 401
Toronto, Ontario M5N 1E3
+1.416.7814322 tel
+ 1.416.7817443 fax


Neuer Israel Fonds Schweiz
Postfach 425, CH-4010 Basel
+41.61.2721455 tel
+41.61.2723807 fax

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