How NIF works

New Israel Fund (UK) is a philanthropic organization, both a registered charity no. 1060081 and a company limited by guarantee no. 3296825 registered in England and Wales. We are part of an international network of North Americans, Israelis and Europeans.  NIF is unashamedly pro-Israel, existing to support grantee organisations and projects which seek to ensure Israel’s long-term survival and prosperity by underpinning its democracy.  

Alongside its public education programs in the UK, NIF uses rigorous guidelines to fund organizations, training, programmes and other activities in Israel.

We evaluate our grantee applicants and grantees rigorously and frequently, relative to our primary goal of achieving progressive social change in Israel according to these Principles, and select them only if they meet our Funding Guidelines.

NIF seeks to fund organizations that share our most significant values – justice and equality for every Israeli, as well as freedom of speech, conscience and dissent.  

When we find an organisation that we would like to support and help it grow, we provide them with funds AND training in a variety of areas that help ensure it grows successfully.  We are a funder with a goal to build a strong, democratic civil society that is effective and efficient, transparent and professional, so we develop individual plans for their training, growth and development – much the same way an entrepreneur builds a multiyear business plan. 

We train them in organisational development, financial management, fundraising, advocacy, media and other fields as needed.

But NIF is not "just" a funder.  We are an advocacy organization that takes on the toughest issues; builds coalitions; incubates new approaches, programs and projects for social change; and serves as the acknowledged leader of progressive civil society in Israel.  NIF works on the most difficult, intractable issues of Israeli society -- and the issues we take up today often become the concerns of mainstream organizations tomorrow.

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Registered Charity Number 1060081. New Israel Fund is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales, No: 3296825, Registered Office: 25/26 Enford Street, London W1H 1DW

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