Social and Economic Justice

Equality requires not just human and civil rights, but also equality of opportunity: freedom from poverty, access to education, employment and affordable housing, the right to basic public services and health care. The NIF works to ensure social and economic justice for all Israelis, the unemployed and those on low wages, single parents, the elderly, Israeli Arabs, new immigrants and Mizrachim. We support groups that campaign for their rights and work for equality of opportunity for all.

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Employment Rights

Dignified Living

NIF grantees are in the forefront of promoting labour rights  for all in Israel. The Workers’ Hotline, has begun a successful  strategy of civil enforcement, targeting employers? financial  interests to encourage them to respect workers? rights. Thanks to Kav LaOved – Worker’s Hotline, Tel Aviv Municipality has committed to providing employment rights to cleaners. All future tenders will contain clauses which will ensure contractors are committed to pay employees and employees of subcontractors their full salary and entitlements.

Empowering those with Learning Difficulties

Helping Ethiopian and Russian Youth to Integrate

SHATIL, NIF’s capacity building arm, has helped immigrant parents of children with learning disabilities to become better equipped to identify and handle problems. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, SHATIL published and distributed thousands of copies of a Russian-language booklet, the first of its kind ‘Learning Disabilities: Information for Parents’. In addition, six SHATIL initiated Amharic language radio programmes on learning disabilities reached more than 90% of Ethiopian immigrant households, resulting in a torrent of calls requesting support.

Affordable Housing

Ensuring Access to Affordable Housing

NIF grantees scored a series of important successes that will ensure access to affordable housing for Israelis with limited financial means. Affordable housing projects are now planned for Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Ra’anana and Jerusalem. These achievements are due to the work of the Coalition for Affordable Housing, comprised of NGOs including NIF grantees Bimkom: Planners for Planning Rights, Association for Distributive Justice, Community Advocacy: Genesis Israel, ACRI and SHATIL.

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