Shared Society

Part of NIF's mission is to create a safe space for dialogue and engagement between all sections of Israeli society: religious and secular, Orthodox and Reform, Ashkenazi and Mizrachi, Jews and Arabs. We value all those that make up Israeli society and work to empower them to control their own lives, while peacefully co-existing with their neighbours. 

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Building Cross-Community Coalitions to Tackle Racism

NIF brought together 16 Jewish organisations, including 6 modern Orthodox groups to form Banish the Darkness

A forum to combat racism in the name of Judaism. NIF has also supported the establishment of the Anti Racism Coalition, which unites diverse Jewish and Arab groups – including Ethiopian and Russian speaking immigrants, Mizrachim, Arabs, Bedouins and mixed families - in a joint public struggle against racism. Supporting broad based coalition remains a key priority for NIF.


Ensuring Equal Opportunity in Education

SHATIL’s Umbrella Forum for Bedouin Education formed new partnerships with influential bodies such as the Joint Distribution Committee

And a leadership course was held for parents, activists and administrators. In addition, thanks to the relentless work of our grantees The Follow-up Committee and Dirasat – Arab Centre for Law and Policy, the Arab education budget was increased by NIS 37 million for extra instructional hours and a plan was approved to build 500 new classrooms.


Kick Racism Out of Football

Fighting racism in football and promoting tolerance and inclusiveness in Israeli society

In 2003 NIF launched its ‘Kick it Out’ project. It has succeeded in fighting racism in football and promoting tolerance and inclusiveness in Israeli society. Kick It Out has successfully reduced offensive language and violence at matches. The campaign observed that there has been a 175% increase of educational activities by the clubs themselves over the past two years, and a 32% increase in fans condemning the racist behaviour of their fellow fans. It has also brought hundreds of Jewish and Arab children to play together at NIF-sponsored regional tournaments. This year, we are focusing our efforts on celebrating the clubs and fans that have done most to tackle racism.

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