Civil and Human Rights

Israel's Declaration of Independence says: "Israel will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or gender; it will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture."

The NIF supports groups and projects working to fulfil this vision. From women's and LGBT rights, to the relationship between synagogue and state, to protecting the rights of Jewish and non-Jewish minorities, NIF has founded, funded, trained or otherwise supported every significant human and civil rights organisation in Israel.

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Defending Democracy

Protecting Israeli Democracy: Defeating Anti-Democratic Legislation

Over the past year, NIF and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) has been leading lobbying, legal and public advocacy efforts to combat anti-democratic legislation and policies. Thanks to steady and professional advocacy work led by SHATIL’s Centre for Policy Change and NIF grantees we are gaining some successes.

In July, a proposed parliamentary enquiry into human rights organizations was defeated. Yet, we already know of an additional 25 bills that will enquire significant resources to combat effectively. NIF and its grantees will continue to lead the struggle against those bills, through public campaigning, lobby work and litigation.

Campaign for Democracy

Building a Constituency for Human Rights and Democracy

NIF’s social media campaign: “We Will not Remain Silent” is reaching out to new target audiences, especially students and young adults in support of human rights and democracy. Established in mid-2010, the campaign has already drawn 5,000 members, close to 1 million views and over 25,000 talkbacks. It is proving successful as a means to mobilize thousands of activists for demonstrations, such as the rally in Tel Aviv on the anniversary of Rabin's assassination, the International Human Rights Day march in Tel Aviv, and the "Interrogate Me Too!" rally.

Protecting Women’s Rights

NIF grantee, International Coalition for Aguna Rights, stepped up its campaign protecting Jewish women

The International Coalition for Aguna Rights, an NIF grantee, has stepped up its campaign to protect Jewish women from recalcitrant men who refuse to provide their wives with a get (writ of divorce) as required by the Rabbinical Courts that control Israeli family law for religious and secular Jewish women alike. The Coalition works to ensure the rights of women by promoting prenuptial agreements as a preventive measure to the current situation which leaves thousands of women trapped in bad or abusive marriages.

Children's Rights

Protecting the Rights of Migrant Children

A successful campaign by NIF grantees, including Hotline for Migrant Workers, resulted in the government deciding not to expel some 800 children of foreign migrants and their families for the time being. NIF Grantees continue to orchestrate public pressure to let 400 Hebrew-speaking children, who are under the threat of deportation, stay legally in Israel.

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