Anne Frank Foundation and New Israel Fund Announce New Partnership

The Anne Frank Fonds Basel and New Israel Fund (NIF) have signed a partnership agreement which will come into effect in the coming year. As part of the new partnership, the Anne Frank Foundation will make new grants to organizations supported by NIF to advance their work toward equality and justice.

The Anne Frank Fonds Basel was founded by Otto Frank, the only survivor of the Frank family. It was the only organization he initiated and designated it as universal heir. The Basel-based foundation represents the families descended from Anne Frank, is responsible for publishing Anne Frank’s diary worldwide and other writings, and provides funding to projects around the world that embody Anne Frank’s spirit.

The New Israel Fund is the leading organization promoting democracy and equality in Israel. Each year, tens of thousands of donors from North America, Europe, Australia, and Israel choose to give to NIF.

The Anne Frank Fonds Basel is a charitable organization. This partnership with NIF is designed to strengthen Israeli civil society.

The Anne Frank Fonds Basel said: “Anne Frank’s writing became a symbol of justice, respect, and accepting differences to all of humanity. These values are the pillars of NIF’s work in promoting a State of Israel that is more democratic, and an Israeli society that is more just. The new partnership will strengthen the work of our two organizations and imbue Israeli society with these values.

“Since Otto Frank created the Foundation in Basel, the organization has made a major part of its donations to Israel in the last 50 years. The partnership with NIF acknowledges the bond between the Frank family and Israeli society.”

NIF Israel Executive Director Mickey Gitzin said: “It is a great honor for NIF to receive this vote of confidence from the Anne Frank Foundation. This strategic cooperation will strengthen our activities in all areas: the struggle for social justice, promoting a shared society, advancing women’s rights, the struggle against racism and more. This partnership will help us in our work toward a more values-oriented Israeli society, one of greater equality and justice.”

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