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We are currently recruiting for 3 new positions

These have been created as part of our ambitious plans to grow in the coming years.

Closing date for applications – 12pm Monday 24th November. 


Building Bridges, Building Communities.

Amit and I recently returned from an NIF staff study tour to Israel to see our work on the ground. Despite being a regular visitor to Israel since age 16, getting to see Israel through an NIF lens was an incredible experience.


A Double Victory for Social and Environmental Justice

A decisive victory against suburban sprawl marks a huge success for periphery communities and environmental justice in Israel. 


Controversial National Park Plan in East Jerusalem Put on Hold

East Jerusalem residents have successfully stalled plans for a park that would prevent the future growth of two Arab neighbourhoods. 


NIF Grantees in Groundbreaking Reports on Settlement Funding

Outrage has followed the release of reports uncovering a massive funding pipeline to West Bank settlements, which comes at the expense of struggling communities.


NIF Announces New Initiatives for Democracy

New Israel Fund UK is proud to announce NIF’s New Initiatives for Democracy (NIF-D), an ambitious new effort to strengthen the values of tolerance and openness in Israel. NIF-D will seed-fund and support new institutions and initiatives with the long-term goal of restoring Israel’s national commitment to the ideals of its founders.


"It's moving to see so many people wanting to help"

Amid the falling rockets and a call for reserve duty, activist Erez Nagawker is ensuring that Be'er Sheva residents don't go hungry.


Righting Injustice

 A new law, which ensures pension payouts to divorced women, is the latest victory for women's rights in Israel. 


A Push for Tolerance

Tensions between Jews and Arabs within Israel remains high. We're working to defuse the tension and build relationships. 


Close to the Bomb Shelters

An organization in Ashkelon that works with FSU immigrants has been creating activities for kids in the bomb shelters and giving families a respite from the violence. 


Public Housing: Three Steps Forward, One Step Back

Affordable housing activists took to the Knesset and scored three victories this week. But another setback illuminates the magnitude of the problem. 


Bridging the Divides

By Rachel Liel, Executive Director in Israel 

On Sunday, I went down to Soroka hospital in Be’er Sheva and met with families of Bedouin Israelis whose children have been injured by rocket attacks. I saw children coping with injuries they could not comprehend. I saw young parents comforting their kids.


We mourn. We don't avenge

I know you are worried about what's going on in Israel. I am too.

On Tuesday, Israel buried three teenagers who were kidnapped and murdered. It was a devastating act perpetuated by extremists determined to shed innocent blood and to provoke further conflict. 

Daniel Sokatch, CEO
New Israel Fund

'Revenge won't bring back our boys'

‘Revenge won’t bring back our boys’, read the banner above the rally called by Tag Meir, Light Tag, in Jerusalem yesterday. ‘This gathering brings me hope’

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg (senior rabbi of Masorti UK)



NIF Pesach 2014- Refugees in Israel

New Israel Fund recommended supplements for Pesach 2014. Out of Africa: Refugees in Israel 



Vote for Change Winner Announced

Vote for Change: Congratulations to the African Refugee Development Centre


NIF Thanks Pears Foundation

NIF is delighted to have received a new substantial two-year grant from the Pears Foundation. NIF greatly appreciates our long standing partnership with the Pears Foundation based on common values and a desire to build strong connections between the UK Jewish community and Israel.


NIF's Commitment to Being at The Forefront of Civil and Social Justice in Israel

I came away from journalist Ari Shavit’s talk last week hearing his challenge to both Israelis and Diaspora Jews, to ensure that Israel remains a Jewish and Democratic state. As part of NIF's commitment to being at the forefront of civil and social justice in Israel we have recently concluded a year of strategic thinking in regard to the next stage of our journey.


Third Vote for Change Competition Launched!

 We are thrilled to announce the launch of our third Vote for Change competition! Get involved and vote for your preferred charity to win £1000. The finalists for the 2014 #v4change competition are: African Refugee Development Centre, Atzum, BINA and Yedid. 

This Vote for Change Competition is now closed.


Press Release from the Refugee Community in Israel

05 January 2014

Press Release

We, the refugees in Israel, are on strike for 3 days in response to Israel’s implementation of new legislation and the indefinite detention of refugees. We call on the international community to urge the Israeli government to stop this new policy, assess our asylum claims fairly, and start respecting our human rights as refugees.


NIF Statement on ‘Non-Profit Organisations Bill’

The proposed bill which passed today with the support of eight ministers should really be called the 'Law to Eliminate Freedom of Opinion and Expression in Israel'


Human Rights Awards Winners 2013


Vote for Change winner announced!

 We are delighted to announce that The Schoolhouse in Tel Aviv was this summer's NIF Vote for Change competition winner, receiving a prize of £1,000 towards their work! 


Confronting a Racist Election Campaign

Following the unveiling of the mayor of Upper Nazareth’s racist re-election campaign, the NIF network seeks action from Israel’s Attorney General


Light Tag Continues to Promote Tolerance

Following the recent apparent ‘Price Tag’ extremist attacks on a monastery and in the neighbourhood of Beit Safafa in Jerusalem, the NIF Light Tag coalition held solidarity events with victims.


To Reach the Glass Ceiling

This activist impacts the lives of countless women, the broader Mizrachi community, and the depth of social justice in Israeli society  


Discrimination Defeated

A Mizrachi man who scored a job interview – only after resubmitting his resume with a false Ashkenazi name – took the company to court. And won.


Message from our Chief Executive, Adam Ognall

A Year of Hope, Justice and Change. This is the theme of NIF’s work this Rosh Hashana (New Year). I would like to thank you for your support in the last year and look forward to what we can achieve in this next year.


Use NIF’s to send your New Year cards

NIF’s Rosh Hashana e-cards service lets you send personalised cards to your family and friends (for free!). There is a choice of different designs and you can send the same card to multiple people or choose different designs. We hope you find the cards useful, easy, time-saving and colourful.




NIF & Yachad special screening at UK Jewish Film Festival

THE GATEKEEPERS + Q&A with Ami Ayalon (former Shin Bet head)

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Followed by Q&A with Ami Ayalon, the former Head of Shin Bet. Booking opens soon.


Human Rights Awards Dinner

Save The Date - 24 November 2013.

For more details on NIF's Human Rights Awards Dinner Click Here.



NIF launches Rosh Hashana e-cards service

We are launching today the NIF Rosh Hashana e-cards service. It lets you send personalised cards to your family and friends (for free!) by email. Visit

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