Hear Ronit Sela, Director of Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories at the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)

Ronit will be joining us in London from 7-10 June. Ronit will talk about the complexity of life in East Jerusalem and discuss what lies ahead as we mark 50 years since the Six-Day War and 50 years of occupation.

If you would like to hear her speak, please contact atira@uknif.org

Ronit Sela is the current Director of Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories unit. Between 2010-2016 she served as the Director of ACRI’s Human Rights in East Jerusalem Project. Since joining ACRI in January 2009 she has also worked in the organization’s International Relations and Public Outreach Department.  Prior to this, Ms. Sela worked as a journalist, news editor, writer and translator for publications in Hebrew and English in papers such as The Jerusalem Post. Ronit has also taught English in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and journalism at Brandeis University’s summer school.

ACRI (The Association for Civil Rights in Israel) deals with the entire spectrum of rights and civil liberties issues in Israel and the Occupied Territories. An independent and non-partisan organization, ACRI’s mandate is to ensure Israel’s accountability and respect for human rights, by addressing violations committed by Israeli authorities in Israel, the Occupied Territories, or elsewhere.

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