About New Israel Fund NIF is working towards a more just and equal Israel for all Israelis. Read more...
Football for All! Young Jewish and Arab women and girls came together for a highly moving event. Read more...
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NIF is the leading organisation advancing democracy and equality for all Israelis, based on the vision of Israel’s founders.

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    In 2097 Israel will celebrate #GenderEquality! ...Only 82 years to go. Let's make it sooner http://t.co/pUCvOvUiGJ @VanleerInst #GenderIndex

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    Jewish Agency to assist in non-Orthodox as well as Orthodox conversions performed abroad http://t.co/o32lnFN0ES @religion_state @Hiddush

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    Review of award-winning documentary 'Hotline': "a hands-off yet intense" look at @HRMIsrael http://t.co/LNbg0aoFRK