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NIF grantee, International Coalition for Aguna Rights, stepped up its campaign protecting Jewish women
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Children's Rights
Protecting the Rights of Migrant Children
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Government to Fund Non-Orthodox Rabbis
The Israeli government has agreed to finance the salaries of some Reform & Conservative rabbis.
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Our Mission

The New Israel Fund (NIF) exists to help secure Israel's long term survival and prosperity for all its citizens.

We support Israelis who apply its Jewish and democratic values by protecting human rights, tackling poverty, promoting religious tolerance, cultivating co-existence and preserving the environment.

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  • 'Revenge won't bring back our boys'

    ‘Revenge won’t bring back our boys’, read the banner above the rally called by Tag Meir, Light Tag, in Jerusalem yesterday. ‘This gathering brings me hope’

    Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg (senior rabbi of Masorti UK)


  • We mourn. We don't avenge

    I know you are worried about what's going on in Israel. I am too.

    On Tuesday, Israel buried three teenagers who were kidnapped and murdered. It was a devastating act perpetuated by extremists determined to shed innocent blood and to provoke further conflict. 

    Daniel Sokatch, CEO
    New Israel Fund
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